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As a small business owner you got a lot of things on your plate. You’re working on sales, doing work for clients, dealing with customer service, sorting through your books and getting pulled in all sorts of directions. One area that you know they need help with is the web.

You see your competitors crushing it on Google and want to beat them. You need a website but don’t know where to start... Perhaps you’ve tried out those do it yourself website editors, only to find yourself with a Frankenstein of a website that does little to bring in traffic and drive leads, or perhaps you’ve been approached by boutique web design agencies promising to build you the site you need for $5000+, but you don't have the budget available.

Whichever situation applies, you most likely find is you find yourself thinking "if only I had someone I could rely on to get this stuff done, without losing my shirt!" 

That’s where Laroop can help

We feel that local contractors and small mom and pop shops don’t necessarily need that $5000 web design, sure they're super custom and look amazing, but is it really necessary for a local plumber or electrician to drop $5000 on a website? Can the same type of website be built and priced in a way where they get maximum value with minimum cash outlay? Yes it can!

We've built all types of websites, from websites for small mom and pops shops, to websites for large telecommunications providers which go up to 5 figures in cost. What this means for you is that we are bringing big brand experience to small business budgets.

How we can help - How we price differently

We focus on delivering you the website you need at the price you can afford! Instead of charging $5000 for a website upfront, we build your website and simply charge you a monthly fee that subsidizes the build and also includes hosting, maintenance, reporting and also includes unlimited small jobs!

This means that you have zero website headaches from here on forth! No more headaches when it comes to building, managing your website, renewing hosting and domains, connecting your emails etc, dealing with security issues, broken forms, broken pages… we’ve simplified things into a simple monthly fee that puts Laroop in your corner.

Unlimited Small Jobs Included

Best of all, as part of our service, if you have anything you need done on your website, you simply reach out to your account manager and it'll get done for you at no additional charge. We told you, we try to make things simple! Any tasks that take less than 30 minutes are covered 🙂

What we will do for you

Simply put, we untangle the web for you.

We will design, build and maintain your website on a monthly basis. More than just that, we become your online marketing partner. We touch base through monthly reports and give you recommendations on marketing initiatives that would benefit you, the performance of your website, opportunities to grow and clarify any questions you have. 

This means that you can work on your business and have a partner you can simply tell what you want done and have them figure out how to put things together.

Give us a shout today and see how we can help you build out the online presence your business deserves.

January Special

  • 5 Page Website

  • Unlimited Small Jobs

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Low Monthly Fee

  • Dedicated Account Manager

Benefits of a Fully Managed Laroop Website

So what sort of things can you expect with a Laroop website? Below are just a few of the benefits of working with us.

Unlimited Small Jobs Monthly

Need a new blog post added or some other small task? We provide unlimited small job support for our websites.

Increased Conversions

We implement lead magnets and call outs strategically in order to increase conversions on your website

Mobile Friendly/Responsive

Our websites work well across all screen sizes. Your website will look great, regardless of the device it's viewed on.

Lower Risk of Hacks

We monitor your website 24/7 and ensure it stays up and all plugins are up to date. This reduced security holes and vulnerabilities and keeps out hackers.

Faster Speed

Search engines love fast sites. And we love search engines. That's why all our websites are built to be fast!

Monthly Reporting

We provide you with monthly website and traffic reports so that you know how your website is performing and provide recommendations on how to improve further.

SEO Friendly

We optimize your website for search engines and give it the best chance to rank from an on site SEO perspective.

Easy To Manage

All our WordPress websites are built on our proprietary Laroop Builder, which makes managing and editing your website a breeze!

Free Ebook - Instant Download

Learn 30 Great Lead Generation Ideas That You Can Implement Today!

Common mistakes, ideas, and tips you can implement on your website and in your business TODAY. Check it out now!


Some of our work

We love creating beautiful work for our clients. Our designs are great to look at, convey credibility and also convert higher than the cookie cutter templates you may be used to.

See what some of our clients say


“ I am so thrilled and couldn't be happier with my website. The minute I met my account manager he assured me my website would be exactly how I wanted it and he proved me correct. His patience and level of professionalism was very impressive! He took the time to get to know my business and knew how important it was to me. His creative insight was invaluable. I highly endorse him and will be referring him to everyone. ”

Leslie Booker

Founder - Downsize Moving and More

“ I love my website design! They custom designed my website with all the information and ideas I had and put it all together for me. Anything I need to add or change to it, I just tell them and they do it for me. It's great! I recommend Laroop Digital for your website design! ”

Lisa Boyd

Founder - Achieve Fitness

“ I am Attorney, Author, Founder & President Victoria E. Broussard. I hired Laroop Digital for my law office website, The Law Office of Victoria Broussard, over a year ago after being sorely disappointed with my prior designer, and have been extremely pleased. Laroop Digital is always responsive to my ever changing needs and have been professional, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. I highly recommend giving them a chance to service your website needs. I doubt you will regret it. ”

Victoria E. Broussard

Founder - Broussard Legal

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