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Use Pay Per Click Marketing to Fire Up Your Traffic

Paid search provides an opportunity to have an even playing field with competitors of all sizes. With the right budget and targeting even small players can get massive exposure vs. top players in the industry. It all comes down to expertise in building, managing and optimizing the paid search campaign.

How it helps

  • Get instant exposure and traffic from Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Target your ideal customer base
  • Get top placement on search results pages instantly
  • Very measurable
  • Set your own budge

Services we provide

  • Paid search audit
  • Paid search campaign creation
  • Paid search campaign management
  • Reporting & Optimization
We begin by sitting down with you and determining the goals and KPI's that will be associated with the campaign. Once we have goals and a direction for the campaign set we are able to begin planning the campaign.

We then conduct in depth keyword research to determine the best keywords that should be selected in order to drive traffic to your websites landing pages. We use a variety of industry leading tools that give us visibility into what searches are searching for and what your competitors are bidding on. Based on this we will have a specific and customized list of keywords we can use to begin the campaign build out.
Now that we have the keywords we would like to bid on selected we begin the campaign build out process. As important as keywords are, PPC campaign structure, copywriting, choosing the right time of day to display and bid cost or equally if not more important. We build out the campaign ad texts, select various setting such as when an ad is to be displayed, at what time, in what area, etc... All this builds a solid foundation for future success.
Another important piece of a successful PPC campaign is an optimized and relevant landing page. Quality score is a metric that Google adwords associates to your PPC ads relevance to the page the user is being sent to. At the most basic level the more relevant the landing page is the less you pay. Proper utilization of budget is paramount to a successful PPC campaign, so we ensure to optimize and provide recommendation to bring your landing pages to the level they should be at.
One we have the ads, landing pages and campaign settings done, the campaign gets pushed live. Once live, we provide our clients with total transparency and ensure they understand what's going on with their campaign spend and performance. We provide monthly reports that lay out what happened, what worked, and what we will do to optimize further in the upcoming month. Furthere, we continually monitor and optimize the PPC campaigns on a daily basis to ensure efficient ad spend. PPC is not a set an forget it method, we continually optimize in order to drive massive results for our clients!

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