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We Can Help Increase Your Brands Search Presence

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it’s more commonly known is the process of optimizing your businesses website so that it appears higher within major search engines. This is achieved through a variety of processes.

How it helps

  • Best ROI
  • Increase awareness through ranking content
  • Better click through rates than PPC ads
  • Very measurable
  • No payment per click

Services we provide

  • Initial site audit
  • Website optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Linkbuilding
  • Content Outreach
  • Fully managed SEO campaign
We begin by diving into your website and making on page tweaks. The process involves conducting thorough keyword research in order to find the most relevant keywords that your business should show up for and then optimizing your website so that those keywords have the best chance of ranking. From there we look at a multitude of factors such as whether sitemaps are properly formed, have they been submitted to webmaster tools, do pictures contain relevant alt tags, is the website loading fast enough etc… All these factors contribute to the overall signals your website is sending to major search engines. The site audit covers all these areas.
Once the SEO Audit is complete the next step is to implement all the changes required. We make sure all recommendations are completed and that the site now has a solid foundation set for the next part of the campaign.
Once the website is optimized correctly we tackle the biggest part of the campaign, which makes up for most of the work on a monthly basis. This is linkbuilding. You can imagine linkbuilding as the life blood of your SEO campaign. The more quality relevant links you have pointing to your website the better chance your website has of ranking. We go out and reach out to websites that could and should be linking to your website, develop linkable content, and employ various other tactics to help your website attract links naturally and in a way that stays within Google’s guidelines.
We track movement of keyword rankings on a daily basis and continually optimize the campaign as we see the results of our work. We provide dedicated account support and you can reach out to our specialists either through email or phone any time you’d like. We provide monthly reports to let you know what work has been completed, what you can expect in the next month, and report on the overall performance of the campaign. Our clients love the fact that they’re kept in the loop and it gives us an opportunity to touch base with them as well.

Quick Rundown on What SEO is