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Social Media Marketing

Connect with your audience through clever social media marketing

Social Media Marketing gives a business the opportunity to generate buzz and directly interact with their core customer base. We use the power of social media to develop your brands voice across paid, owned and earned media.

How it helps

  • Communicate directly with your audience
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Learn about your audience
  • Receive instant feedback from customers
  • Foster meaningful relationships with customers

Services we provide

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media activation
  • Social media community management
  • Contest & giveaways
  • Reporting & Analytics
We begin by establishing objectives and goals for the clients social media campaign. We also determine KPI's to guage results as the campaign progresses.
Before formulating the social media plan we begin by auditing the current social media presence and what level it is performing at. We look at things like, who's connecting to you, which social media platforms are being most engaged, and how you compare to your competitors. This provides us with a clear baseline to measure campaign progress against and also allows us to develop a well thought out social media strategy.
Once we know our objectives and have conducted the social media audit we begin to build out or improve the necessary social media profiles we will be focusing on. Things like design, cross promoting social media accounts and content are important in building out professional looking social media accounts that are in line with your brand voice.
This is where the fun begins, now that we have all the materials required, we continue the process by formulating a custom social media plan. We create a content plan and editorial calendar that's inline with the objective and goals we first set out. We plan out things like, what types of content will be posted, how often, what audience will be targeted with each post, who will create them and how the posts will be promoted. All these factors work together to produce a cohesive and well thought out social media strategy/plan.
Once the campaign is live, we continually monitor progress and look at work worked, what didn't work, and what we should try. Continual optimization is the only way to get closer and closer to massive success. This applies anywhere in business and especially applies with social media marketing. We also work with out clients to provide them monthly and ad hoc reporting, in order for them to understand the progress and success the campaign is having.

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