Google Guarantee Badge in Local Pack Results For $50/month


An Opportunity to Stand Out

The Google Guaranteed badge previously reserved for Local Service Ads is now coming to Google My Business listings for $50/month. Below is an example of how the badge looks on a Mr. Rooter profile in Wichita, KS. Even if you’re already investing in local SEO services and already rank high, this has the power to potentially change the volume of leads you get as well, from current ranking positions.

Google guaranteed badge in google my business local pack example

What does this mean for consumers?

For consumers this means that Google will be now providing a guarantee that shields them from fraud by offering to refund them, if a service provider is illegitimate. This was previously reserved for the Local Service Ads section of the results page. Many consumers have been burned by shady or fake local businesses that simply create Google My Business profiles and sell the leads off to other companies. This guarantee lets consumers know that the business has been thoroughly screened by Google and there is an actual 3rd party guarantee against the work quality provided by the business.


What does this mean for businesses?

For local businesses this is an easy way to differentiate from competitors and spam listings that won’t have the badge. Since there is a background check and screening process involved, it will be very difficult for fake listings to get the badge on their profiles. For businesses that are trying to compete in local search, the cost of $50/month is a small price to pay to add extra credibility and trust to their profiles.

Why does this matter?

We suspect this will become an industry standard when fully rolled out and will also help reduce the influence of spam listings in Google My Business.

This is big because once consumers catch on to what the badge means and the protection it offers them, it can heavily influence their service provider selection criteria.

The program will be rolled out to a limited number of industries, including Plumbing & HVAC companies.



About the Author

About the Author

Lovedeep Puri is the Digital Marketing Director at Laroop. He directs digital strategy on all clients accounts and has over a decade of experience working on digital marketing teams within agencies & home service companies.

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