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Digital Marketing

Local SEO Optimization

When a homeowner in your area is looking for a local service provider, it is critical that you show up high and often for a variety of keywords that matter. Maximizing your visibility on Google’s search results page is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about.

Our team has had the opportunity to work on local & organic search engine optimization for single location and multi-location home services, throughout the USA & Canada. Whether you’re one a one location plumbing business or have multiple locations, we have strategies to help power your listings into 3 pack positions for the keywords that matter to your business.

When it comes to home service businesses that service a wide area, the strategy consists of showing up high in the organic search results & the local maps search results.

These are two distinct areas of the search results page that are influenced through different SEO strategies & tactics.

In order to maximize your visibility on Google’s search results page, you need to show up in high in Google Maps.

Google will typically take the top 3 ranking Google Maps listings and display them on Page 1 of the search results, ahead of the ‘organic’ listings.

In order to get you ranked higher in this key area of the search results page, we will work on creating/updating your listing, ensuring your overall website and the page connected to your listing is thoroughly optimized, and raising your websites authority & trust by building citations and relevant local links back to your website.

Organic SEO Optimization

This is the section of the search results page that SEO’s have traditionally worked on. These were the original search results listings, before ads, snippets, maps listings and products got added in.

They remain a highly used part of the search results page and play a key role in helping to market your home services.

There’s two key areas buckets of work that drive optimization efforts here:

On Page SEO Optimization

Tuning the technical side of your website is half the battle from a Website Optimization standpoint. The other half of an effective SEO strategy for your Plumbing & HVAC business is unique pages for all your services and the top cities & neighborhoods you service. Our copy writing team will write unique content for the top Plumbing & / or HVAC services and of the sub-cities in your service area (8 content pieces included).

We will then incorporate that fresh content into the website with proper on-page optimization.

Off Page SEO Optimization

Google rewards websites with higher rankings, that it knows, likes and trusts. Much like your customers. The way that we get google to increase it’s trust that your business is real and respected, is by creating relevant links back to your website from other websites.

This is one of those activities that not only helps with Organic SEO, but helps with Local SEO as well! So it’s a critical piece of the strategy that is a big focus. We discuss some of the tactics we use in the next section.

Linkbuilding & Local Authority Development

Google sees links coming from other quality websites as votes for your website. Each vote works to increase Google’s trust in your website and help to rank higher.
Our focus is to build natural, legitimate links back to your website.

Some ways we build links back to your website
  • Local Link Buildling
    What links can we get in your local area?
  • Competitive Link Acquisition
    What links do top ranking competitors have that we can also get to your business?
  • PR opportunities
    Is there any newsworthy stories in your business we can promote through online press releases?
  • Distributor / Manufacturers
    Do your distributors or manufacturers have a vendor directly or a page on their site listing out where customers can buy their products? If so, we’d want to get your links back from those pages
  • Sponsorship opportunities
    Are you currently sponsoring any sports teams, charities or events? If so, we’d look for links back from the existing ones or find opportunities that we feel would fit well
  • Outreach to local & national associations
    Are you part of any local or national organizations? Do they have member profiles we can use to generate links back?
  • Video Distribution
    Do you have video assets that we can distribute across top video hosting websites?

Enhanced reporting through call tracking

We tag your website and Google My Business listing with call tracking numbers. What that allows us to do is understand exactly how many phone calls are being generated through your website & Google My Business listing.

You’ll have access to a centralized portal where you can view all the recordings, mark the outcomes of the calls, and listen to recordings of the calls for lead handling coaching.

We measure success by the lift that we are able have on your leads (phone calls & form submissions) & the free traffic from Google to your site and Google My Business listing.

Reports will be delivered on a monthly basis.

Experts in PPC Management

We audit your current paid search campaign, create a gameplan towards your goals and target cost per leads, and completely manage your spend on a monthly basis.

Our paid search experts have experience building and running campaigns for all types of home service businesses.

Lots of companies are overspending on PPC, bidding on the irrelevant and non converting keywords, showing their ads in areas that they don’t service.

Working specifically with home service companies allows us to understand what an underperforming account looks like and the common issues that need to be addressed when taking over an existing campaign or building a new one.

Campaign Setup & Creation

Unless your PPC campaign has a long history and is producing reasonable results already, we will always start with a fresh campaign. This ensures that every piece of your campaign is setup according to best practices and that we have a solid foundation to start with.

Some of the work involved here:

  • Keyword research
  • Proven Landing Page Customization
  • GTM, Google Analytics & Google ads linking
  • Local area call tracking number setup
  • Keyword selection
  • Ad copywriting
  • Audience targeting setup
  • Ad extension setup
  • Custom audience development

Proven Landing Page Customization

In order to get your PPC campaign converting ad clickers into phone calls & leads at a higher rate, we need to ensure that we are pointing your ads to dedicated landing pages that are proven to convert.

We have these, and will use proven designs to come up with a high converting landing page for your campaign.

The landing page will reside on a subdomain of your website (i.e – and will be developed and managed at no extra cost.

We will also run a series of split tests on variations of this page to find a winner for your campaign.

Some of the work involved here:

  • Customized design of proven landing page
  • Customizing of content (i.e – offer, reviews, form routing)
  • Call tracking implementation
  • A/B testing of landing pages to improve conversion rates over time
  • Form to call automation setup (optional)

Remarketing Campaigns Included

We create remarketing campaigns for all our accounts. There’s two types of remarketing campaigns we setup here. Display remarketing & search remarketing.

Search Remarketing

This type of remarketing involves creating an automated bucket of prospects in Google ads that have clicked your ads, but haven’t taken the desired action we want (i.e phone call or form submit).

With our search remarketing campaign, we create a special campaign just for these folks. The next time they go to Google to look for the service you offer, we tell Google that we will pay a bit more to show up in front of this person and show them an ad to bring them back to your site.

These are super cost effective campaigns that allow you to squeeze more conversions out of existing paid traffic.

Display Remarketing

These campaigns follow the same principal of tagging someone that clicked your ad, but instead of bidding more for them in Google, we follow them around the web with graphical banners showcasing your offer.

Protecting You From Fraud

We invest in software tools and systems that provide a layer of fraud protection to your campaigns.

This layer of fraud protection can save up to 5% of your ad spend alone, without you having to do anything. It comes included as part of your monthly PPC management with Laroop.

Automated Reporting Setup

We tag your ads with call tracking numbers. What that allows us to do is understand exactly how many phone calls are being generated through your Google Ads.

You’ll have access to a centralized portal where you can view all the recordings, mark the outcomes of the calls, and listen to recordings of the calls for lead handling coaching.

We measure success by the lift that we are able have on your leads (phone calls & form submissions), while maintaining or lowering your cost per lead.

Reports will be delivered on a monthly basis.

Ongoing Optimization & Management

It may seem like once the campaign is created, that there shouldn’t be too much upkeep work. That’s actually incorrect.

A properly managed PPC campaign will have an ongoing set of activities done on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure the account continues to bring in leads at the right cost per lead and that any further optimization opportunities are looked at.

Examples of ongoing PPC Optimization activities:

  • Suppression of non performing keywords
  • Suppression of irrelevant keywords
  • Day of the week analysis
  • Time of the day analysis
  • Ad copy split-testing
  • Ad extension copy testing
  • Location testing
  • Updating ad copy to reflect new offers
  • Landing page split testing
  • Bid adjustments based on devices
  • Campaign troubleshooting
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