3 Activities to Boost Your Local SEO Rankings

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example of local seo rankings of hvac in toronto

Assuming you have a Google My Business listing, a website, and are working on getting your reviews to your listing, here are 3 key activities that your team can start implementing right away to help raise your rankings in Google.

1) Completely build out your Google My Business listing.

Select the most relevant primary category and the relevant secondary categories. From there fill out ALL other areas of your listing with content and information about your business. (Ex: Did you know you can add product pictures of your furnaces & ac’s + organize them into categories that show up on your listing?)

products and categories in google my business listing

2) Post regular weekly updates

Add offers, announcements & upload new pictures on a weekly basis. The main takeaway here is to maintain regular activity on your listing.

frequent picture updates on google my business listing

3) Get local links back to your website

Ensure you’ve connected your website link to the most relevant page on your website. Then, actively seek out link backs to that page from within your community. Politely request links back to your site when sponsoring a team, doing speaking engagements or from partners/friends in the community.