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We're a local Toronto SEO agency that specializes in driving results for local & home service businesses. We work with small, mid-level and enterprise companies across the Greater Toronto Area to drive top rankings & optimize their online presence for conversions.
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Whether you’re a local Toronto business or a large corporation, if customers can’t find you, they won’t come to you. Maximizing your search visibility across the Toronto, for the unbranded keywords that matter, is what we do. Our expert team has been driving SEO results for Toronto businesses since 2012. A lot of our work has been behind the scenes, working through bigger agencies, but we know what moves the needle and are ready to help your business succeed.

Toronto SEO – Our Approach

If you’re a home service or local business in Toronto, you want to show up on Google in two key areas. The listings in the maps section and the listings underneath. These are more commonly referred to as:

  • Local SEO (maps)
  • Organic SEO (the listings underneath)
Both of these areas have different algorithms that Google uses to select who will rank at the top.

Our experts work to influence these rankings everyday and can build & execute the SEO campaign your business needs to succeed.

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Local SEO

In order to maximize your visibility on Google’s search results page, you need to show up in high in Google Maps.

Google will typically take the top 3 ranking Google Maps listings and display them on Page 1 of the search results, ahead of the ‘organic’ listings.

In order to get you ranked higher in this key area of the search results page, we will work on creating/updating your listing, ensuring your overall website and the page connected to your listing is thoroughly optimized, and raising your websites authority & trust by building citations and relevant local links back to your website.

Toronto SEO Services

Organic SEO

This is the section of the search results page that SEO’s have traditionally worked on. These were the original search results listings, before ads, snippets, maps listings and products got added in.

They remain a highly used part of the search results page and play a key role in helping to market your home services.

There’s two key areas buckets of work that drive optimization efforts here:

On Page SEO Optimization

Tuning the technical side of your website is half the battle from a Website Optimization standpoint. The other half of an effective SEO strategy for your Plumbing & HVAC business is unique pages for all your services and the top cities & neighborhoods you service. Our copy writing team will write unique content for the top Plumbing & / or HVAC services and of the sub-cities in your service area (8 content pieces included).

We will then incorporate that fresh content into the website with proper on-page optimization.

Off Page SEO Optimization

Google rewards websites with higher rankings, that it knows, likes and trusts. Much like your customers. The way that we get google to increase it’s trust that your business is real and respected, is by creating relevant links back to your website from other websites.

This is one of those activities that not only helps with Organic SEO, but helps with Local SEO as well! So it’s a critical piece of the strategy that is a big focus. We discuss some of the tactics we use in the next section.

Linkbuilding example

White Hat Linkbuilding

Linkbuilding & Website Authority Development

In order to power up your Local & Organic SEO rankings, there’s another thing that’s needed – Good quality, relevant links.

Google sees links as votes from other websites. Depending on who’s voting for you, Google will begin increase there level of trust in your website & maps listing, and reward you with higher rankings. 

It is essential that these links are created in a natural way and come from websites that would make sense linking to you, otherwise you risk Google penalizing your website and demoting your website, or dropping you out of search rankings completely.

That’s why it’s critical that the SEO partner you pick understands how to build the right links for a local or home service business and puts in the time and effort required to obtain them.

Linkbuilding Tactic Examples

Local Link Buildling
What links can we get in your local area?

Competitive Link Acquisition
What links do top ranking competitors have that we can also get to your buiness?

PR opportunities
Is there any newsworthy stories in your business we can promote through online press releases?

Distributor / Manufacturers
Do your distributors or manufacturers have a vendor directly or a page on their site listing out where customers can buy their products? If so, we’d want to get your links back from those pages

Sponsorship opportunities
Are you currently sponsoring any sports teams, charities or events? If so, we’d look for links back from the existing ones or find opportunities that we feel would fit well

Outreach to local & national associations
Are you part of any local or national organizations? Do they have member profiles we can use to generate links back?

Video Distribution
Do you have video assets that we can distribute across top video hosting websites?

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SEO Services in Toronto

About Toronto

The city of Toronto has a lot to offer residents and citizens. It is a melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles and is home to a thriving entertainment and startup scene.

Aside from entertainment and culture, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is home to of 6,471,850 residents (according to

Data source:

The Greater Toronto Area is the second largest financial center in North America, responsible for 20% of Canada’s GDP.

Toronto is our home

Toronto is where it all started for Laroop. We registered our agency in 2012 and love working with fellow businesses in Toronto. We feel that an understanding of the Toronto culture, lingo & service areas is an important piece of connecting with prospective customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Another benefit of working with us VS. an international agency, is that we charge in Canadian dollars, saving you expensive foreign exchange costs and allowing you to put more of your hard earned money back into your Toronto SEO, PPC & Website Design services.

Recommended Vendors in Toronto

Since Toronto is our home, we’ve developed a network of friends and partners to compliment our Toronto SEO services. These are partners in photography, videography, accounting, printing & branding, that can help enhance your online presence even further.

Any partners we work with in Toronto are vetted and selected based on reputation, customer service and professionalism. The quality of their work is of the upmost importance to us, and you can rest assured that any Toronto partner services we recommend, are partners that we know will have your best interest in heart.


Did You Know?

7 Fast Facts About Toronto

  1. The Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) was originally called the “Festival of Festivals”
  2. Toronto’s lowest temperature on record was -31.3 degrees, in 1943
  3. Canada’s only city to have 7 major sports leagues
  4. Toronto is home to over 10 million trees
  5. Toronto has North America’s only truly authentic castle
  6. Yonge Street, is the longest street in the world (1,896 km Long!)
  7. Union Station has 200,000 people pass through it on business days (Pre-covid stat)
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