55 Most Searched Plumbing Keywords for SEO

Top 55 Plumbing Keywords (with monthly search volumes)

If you run a Plumbing company and want to increase your local market visibility through SEO, you\’ll need to show up for keywords that homeowners are searching for.  Below, you\’ll find a list of the top 55 most searched plumbing related keywords that you\’ll likely want to show up for.

Although these monthly search volumes are taken from data in the USA, they are still the usual suspects that attract the most search volumes in Canada as well. The monthly search volume figures give an indication on the popularity of a keyword. The actual search volume in your market will vary by the population size, number of homes & environmental factors.

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
plumber 74,000.00
plumbing 60,500.00
water filtration systems 9,900.00
clogged toilet 9,900.00
bathroom remodeling 8,100.00
tankless water heaters 6,600.00
garbage disposal repair 6,600.00
leak detection 6,600.00
drain cleaning 5,400.00
water heater repair 5,400.00
septic tank cleaning 5,400.00
water softener systems 4,400.00
emergency plumber 4,400.00
water heater installation 4,400.00
boiler repair 4,400.00
boiler replacement 4,400.00
sewer cleaning 2,900.00
septic pumping 2,900.00
toilet installation 2,400.00
water heater replacement 2,400.00
septic cleaning 1,900.00
emergency plumbing 1,900.00
tankless water heater installation 1,900.00
shower installation 1,900.00
plumbing service 1,300.00
backflow testing 1,300.00
gas line installation 1,000.00
plumbing contractor 880
sewer repair 880
pipe lining 880
sump pump repair 720
garbage disposal replacement 590
backflow certification 590
sewer line replacement 590
commercial plumber 480
rooter service 480
gas line repair 480
repiping 390
slab leak repair 390
24 hour plumbing service 320
tub installation 320
hydrojetting 260
burst pipe repair 210
sewer line inspection 140
trenchless sewer replacement 110
clogged toilet repair 110
backflow repair 90
sewer pumping 50
septic plumbing 70
commercial plumbing contractor 50
water softener system installation 50
sewer cleanouts 30
video sewer line inspection 20
water filtration systems 20
water filtration system installation 20

City and Service Keyword Format

Another thing to quickly mention is that you\’d want to also make sure to use these keywords with variations of your primary city name. So for example, if your primary market is located in Atlanta, then use variations of the keywords like \”Atlanta Tankless Water Heater\”, \”Atlanta Toilet Repair\”, \”Atlanta Plumber\” etc… See a full list below.

City + Keyword Combination
Your City + plumber
Your City + plumbing
Your City + emergency plumber
Your City + emergency plumbing
Your City + 24 hour plumbing service
Your City + plumbing service
Your City + plumbing contractor
Your City + drain cleaning
Your City + water heater repair
Your City + water heater replacement
Your City + water heater installation
Your City + tankless water heaters
Your City + tankless water heater installation
Your City + sewer cleaning
Your City + garbage disposal repair
Your City + garbage disposal replacement
Your City + leak detection
Your City + leak location
Your City + slab leak repair
Your City + bathroom remodeling
Your City + shower installation
Your City + tub installation
Your City + toilet installation
Your City + repiping
Your City + clogged toilet repair
Your City + clogged toilet
Your City + rooter service
Your City + burst pipe repair
Your City + pipe lining
Your City + sewer repair
Your City + sewer pumping
Your City + sewer line replacement
Your City + sewer cleanouts
Your City + sewer cleaning
Your City + trenchless sewer replacement
Your City + sewer line inspection
Your City + video sewer line inspection
Your City + boiler repair
Your City + boiler replacement
Your City + backflow testing
Your City + backflow certification
Your City + backflow repair
Your City + hydrojetting
Your City + gas line installation
Your City + gas line repair
Your City + septic plumbing
Your City + septic pumping
Your City + septic cleaning
Your City + septic tank cleaning
Your City + sump pump repair
Your City + commercial plumber
Your City + commercial plumbing contractor
Your City + water filtration systems
Your City + water filtration system installation
Your City + water softener systems
Your City + water softener system installation

Where should I use these keywords?

In order to get your home services website to show up for these keywords, it will be important to develop a thorough set of service pages with a focus around that keyword. For examples, if you\’re looking to show up for \’Tankless Water Heaters\’, then make sure to have a page on your website that is literally about your Tankless Water Heaters page. You can dive into the types of Tankless Water Heaters you carry, the various brands, why someone would choose a tankless versus a regular water heater, and maybe even showcase reviews from homeowners that have you have installed a tankless heater for.

It takes time and effort to build these pages out on your Plumbing companies website, but rest assured that these will become one of the most valuable types of pages on your site.

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